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Welcome to Flotilla Countdown Tickers

Flotilla Tickers are provided for registered members of The Flotilla. The Flotilla is an online community for sailing fans, including former customers of the now-defunct Windjammer Barefoot Cruises, as well as Island Windjammers, Star Clippers, Windstar Cruises, Angermeyer Cruises, Blue Water Journeys, Liberty Clipper, Arabella and Oasis. Unregistered members are welcome to create Flotilla Tickers, but they cannot be guaranteed to display properly on other websites.

How do I create a ticker?

1. Click on a Clicker Type to the left of your screen. (You do not need to create an account to login unless you selected a Weight Loss ticker - in that case, your password will be sent to you by email.)

2. Choose your Ticker Background and Slider Image. (After each selection, scroll to the bottom of your screen and click on the "Step Two" or "Step Three" link.)

3. Enter the date and text options and create your ticker code! It can then be copied into your signature on the Flotilla using your User Control Panel. (Send Cinnemon a PM if you need help.)

Countdown to your holiday or special day in style with a custom ticker.

5 Ticker Types to choose from!

You can even upload your own photo to go the left of your ticker!

Add custom text to go on the top of your ticker!

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